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To Buy or Not to Buy a New Coach Handbag

It's that time of the year. Shopping sprees go from moderate to hardcore, retailers battle each other for your attention and you are strongly inclined to make some healthy additions to your wardrobe. Buying a new Coach handbag is definitely one of the alternative routes you can get here.

For a very long time, Coach has acted like any other decent fashion retailer: it brought new product lines like crazy and discontinued some of the old ones. It is how fashion is supposed to act after all. Unfortunately for you this also means that a new Coach handbag might not necessarily be the Coach Handbags you might want. For example: Could you have imagined 10 years ago that there will be a time when you will be able to buy a Coach skull-shaped leather charm? Thought so. What's fashionable today, might not necessarily fir your tastes and a new Coach handbag might look downright alien.Fortunately though this happens very rarely, as the manufacturer has enough common sense to not alienate is base of customers.

Don't hold on to that Coach common sense too much though. I've seen countless exquisite Coach models gone extinct over the last years. So what should you buy in the end, if a new Coach handbag won't do it? Well, let me point you a different venue. Behold the mighty internet where anything from custom made toothbrushes to pieces of the moon can be found. Of course you don't want a piece of the moon, you want your Coach handbag and that's exactly what you can find, even older discontinued models and in great shape too. I'm not referring here to those used, second hand Coach handbags, I'm referring to those that never got sold and still wait to make a lady happy.

So basically it's not whether you should buy a new Coach handbag model or a discontinued one, it's more on the lines to choose a Coach Large Purses model that you like and you feel happy about. Trust, nothing gets older faster than a fashion trend. You should choose something that fits your own style and that you feel comfortable with. Don't base your choice on what sort of handbag Jessica Alba currently has, but rather on what you like.

Don't be the product, buy the product!