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Practical Merchandise Critique of Minnetonka Emblem Sandals

Minnetonka sandals are known for their laid-back, mid-West style alongside their affordable prices. They're made by Minnetonka, a Minnesota-based company and they're American-made.

But, are they comfortable? How do they measure up for style? Are they worth buying? For a complete product review of Minnetonka and their sandals, keep reading.

Minnetonka sandals typically range in price from $40 to $60, depending on the style and the retailer. Essentially, they're a middle brand carried by most shoe stores and major department stores and are reasonably priced when compared to other "comfort" brands.

Minnetonkas are comfortable, but the company just doesn't have a consistent size and width. Unlike many comfort brands, fans of Minnetonka shoes can't reach for any style and just know that they're a 7.5 wide. The shape and fit of Minnetonka's seems to vary from style-to-style.

Another fit problem? Most Minnetonka Sheepskin Boots are only available in a medium or standard width, ruling them out for those with wide or narrow feet.

However, most Minnetonka shoes are outfitted with contoured, gel insoles that offer great support and a thorough cushioning system. If you can find the right fit, they're a comfortable shoe.

For the price, Minnetonka shoes are exceptionally well made. The company has been in business for over 60 years. And though they started making moccasins, they've built a business on comfortable shoes at good prices. Most Minnetonka shoes will last for years, even longer if you're willing to get them repaired or resoled. The quality is actually incredible for the price point。

Minnetonka shoes might not be the most stylish or fashion-forward brand around, but their overall style and design is consistently casual and comfortable. Their design philosophy is natural, and most of their shoe products have a definite Native American touch with beaded or metallic accents.

A pair of Minnetonka's might be great for the cottage, popping around town this summer or an afternoon at a bar-B-que, but these are not shoes for a dinner on the town, an evening spent dancing or an important meeting in the workplace.

In short, Minnetonka Hats are a great buy if you can find the right fit. For the price, they're very well made and will last you a long time. Unfortunately, the brand isn't invested in wide or narrow sizes and doesn't offer consistent sizing. Because their sizes are inconsistent, always try before you buy and avoid purchasing this brand through mail order.

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