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How to collocate Christian Louboutin boots

Winter is coming and the weather becomes more and more cold that you can see many female wearing Christian Louboutin Wedges when you are walking on the streets. Not every one is suitable to wear boots but now the boots are more and more popular, then how to choose and collocate to Christian Louboutin boots? It has become the key problem now. As follows, I am introducing some suggestions to share with you, hope that it will help you solve these troubles.

The collocation of super boots and miniskirt is just as tailored to the weather in shenzhen. Recently, it is usual it close to 30 degrees temperature, which is not in winter now while the weather is quite low. According to the conventional true you can not wear boots to go to street, because the boots look grand and encumbrance. But now, it is popular to do without according to the conventional cards, exceed short dress also can match over knee boots to go to streets, as long as your figure can withstand test.

It is difficult to find the ideal boots, which require that you have better shape of legs that must be thin. When your crus are too thick, you should abandon those long and tight stiff leather boots. When the calf is quite round, you should choose some skillful boots. If two sides of a boot have elastic, or the sunken diseased boots on the top of two sides. If your legs are not thin and long, you would better give up flat boots, which will make your legs appear coarse and short. You had better put on high heels and over knee length of tight boots.

If the ankle are thick and leg abdomen are thin, you should wear short and flare opening boots, the top opening are coiled convergent circular boots, wearing this style boots, your leg must be more beautiful. The woman who have turned knee, I suggest you wear high elastic boots, simultaneously wearing wide dress to cover knee. If your feet are quite long, then you had better choose round head boots, which can make your feet more delicate and charm. You can choose the suitable Christian Louboutin Slingbacks according to your legs` shape and your figure on our website.

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